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The Word of Life’ preached by Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee is available on the websites of Manmin Central Church and GCN TV that spreads the holiness gospel and God’s powerful works in approximately 170 countries. The sites are and respectively.

The source for the program is from sermons during Sunday Services and Friday All-night Service. Various sermon series have been uploaded and are now available on the websites. There are theme sermons such as ‘Love Chapter’ and ‘Beatitudes’; fundamental sermon series including ‘The Message of the Cross’, ‘Heaven’, and ‘Hell’; and lectures on Genesis, Leviticus, 1 John, and Revelation.

In addition, the sermons for Cell Group Service and Dr. Jaerock Lee’s Daily Columns are accessible when you enter the church website. Also, provides visitors with well-organized sermon transcripts.

The website manager said that the number of hits on the sermon section has been steadily increasing. On Tuesdays, especially, when the sermons of regular services are uploaded, the number of visitors is the greatest. There are also an increasing number of people who listen to the sermons in English and Chinese via the English and Chinese websites. In addition to these languages, Manmin Central Church offers the full website service in several other languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Missionary Hangyeol Kim from California, USA stated, “When I was in spiritual distress after immigrating, the sermon ‘Heaven’ on the Manmin Central Church’s website was something that I had never heard before. It was like the water of life that quenched my soul’s spiritual thirst. Since then I have listened to more than 2,500 sermons and in doing so I was reborn. In order to deliver this precious gospel of holiness to many people, I became a Manmin missionary.”

Brother Hosan Chung of the Young Adults’ Mission gained a new level of knowledge of God after reading the ‘Lectures on Genesis’ that appeared in a blog. He registered at Manmin Central Church where he is being filled with hope for Heaven and is provided with the daily bread of life.

Sister Irina Weider from Germany said, “Though I was a Christian, there was once not much difference between me and the worldly people. But I arrived at understanding on what sins are by listening to Dr. Jaerock Lee’s messages on the Russian website of Manmin Central Church, and I came to pray and try to live by the Word of God.”

Dr. Lee’s sermons are having great influence on a large number of people through their appearance on the websites. This is because the messages have been all given by God Himself who accepted Dr. Lee’s earnest prayer, fasting, and a longing heart that were offered up after he met God and received healings.


p style=”text-align: justify”>The mobile service that can be received anywhere, also makes the holiness gospel readily available and spreads it to the world via and The great love of God who desires all men to be saved is being stretched out and covering the whole world.

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